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The truth is…

What is the truth?


The truth is hard.
The truth is hidden.
The truth must be pursued.
The truth is hard to hear.
The truth is rarely simple.
The truth isn’t so obvious.
The truth is necessary.
The truth can’t be glossed over.
The truth has no agenda.
The truth can’t be manufactured.
The truth doesn’t take sides.
The truth isn’t red or blue.
The truth is hard to accept.
The truth pulls no punches.
The truth is powerful.
The truth is under attack.
The truth is worth defending.
The truth requires taking a stand.
The truth is more important now than ever.

The New York Times, 12.06.17

Thoughts on the truth… Usually we prefer questions rather than statements, as questions immediately lead to further thoughts. We have therefore taken the above statements from The New York Times and would like to ask you the following questions. We would love to hear your comments!:

Is the truth hard?
Is the truth hidden?
Must the truth always be pursued?
Is the truth hard to hear?
Is the truth rarely simple?
Is the truth sometimes not so obvious?
Is the truth always necessary?
Can the truth be glossed over?
Does the truth have its own agenda?
Can the truth be manufactured?
Does the truth take sides?
Is the truth either red or blue?
Is the truth always hard to accept?
Does the truth pull punches?
Is the truth powerful by itself?
Is the truth under attack?
– Now more than ever?
Is the truth always worth defending?
– And by what means?
Does the truth require taking a stand?
Is the truth more important now than ever?
– And if so, why?


Ask questions! These bring you closer to the truth. They definitely bring you closer to your own truth. This is why we love Street Philosophy.

Julia Kalmund and Nina Schmid, June 2017

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