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Want A Job? Tell Everyone!

One thing people forget all the time? The power of connection. Paul Jozefak explains the best way to find a new job.


This is how it works

I’m surprised when people tell me they don’t know how to go about getting a new job or feel stuck. It’s not necessarily easy to find a new job but it’s definitely a simple process. 

The best way to go about it is to TELL EVERYONE that you are looking. I could practically stop right there and you’d have all the advice you need. Let me explain a bit though where I am coming from. The majority of people I have ever hired told me they were looking. They pinged me after reading a blog post. They mentioned it in passing over a beer at an event. They asked me to dinner and said they were looking. Or finally, and the best one of all, someone told me they knew that a friend/acquaintance was available and wanted something new. Did I potentially have a position for them? 

People like myself tend to be around other people from the industry and we “shoot the shit” in addition to discussing specific business issues. I’m talking to at least five, if not ten people daily who all make up a net of interconnections. You all know this obviously. Still, people forget this all the time and the power of connections.

The few that do ask or talk of friends almost always get leads. A couple friends right now told me they want something new. I respect these folks and want to help. I tell everyone I meet who even remotely mentions a job “hey, I may have someone!” You know what that costs me? Nothing!!! You know what happens if they aren’t interested? Nothing, they say thanks, and the conversation moves on. Vice verse, my eyes always light up when I hear “so and so may be available!” If I don’t need them, I probably have met someone who does. Or even better…a friend comes and says “I heard you are looking for an office manager.” Well, ours totally rocks (don’t even think about!!!!) and I simply found out that she may be interested when a friend said he may know someone without even being asked. 

Sure, you can speak with recruiters and push your resume out to all the usual channels. I don’t want to keep you from that and it’s a good plan B. But if you want to find the best gigs….and by this I mean job, startup idea, cofounders and what not….talk to people and tell them what you want. You’ll be surprised at how often this leads to the real opportunities. 

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